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  • Vous êtes un peu déçus que cette année soit moins internationale ?
  • Vous avez envie de pratiquer l’allemand, votre LV2, mais vous ne savez pas comment ?



Soyez optimistes !


Avec la ‘bergischen Universität Wuppertal’, nous organisons un Speakdating franco-allemand le mardi 19 janvier 2021 pour célébrer la Semaine franco-allemande.


En plus, nous vous proposons de participer au Tandem Franco-Allemand qui débutera juste après le Speakdating !


Cet échange est aussi une opportunité pour ceux qui vont partir faire leur stage en Allemagne car vous allez…

– déjà connaître des personnes en Allemagne qui pourront vous orienter sur place

– développer votre réseau à l’international !


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Pour le Speakdating du mardi 19 janvier, il suffira de remplir ce bref formulaire:

Pour le Tandem, merci de remplir le formulaire:



Le @pole_ecofriendly vous partage le calendrier des saison pour faire ses courses et cuisiner avec des produits de saison. Des recettes et astuces #responsables sont également disponibles en ligne.

👉 Le pôle Ambassadeur continue de vous accueillir pendant les journées d’Immersion et Portes Ouvertes Virtuelle. Pour nous rencontrer, c’est ici.

immerson ESTICE la catho

Le pôle étudiant WEBE (#WellBeing) ouvre une nouvelle série d’atelier en lien avec le #bienêtre. WEBE partage également des conseils pour aider les étudiants : sommeil, méditation, thé & alimentation, utilisation d’huiles essentielles. Vous pouvez tout retrouver sur le compte Instagram @ecole_estice.


Nous avons lancé une série de conférences internationales, #Intertalks, en lien avec la Semaine Européenne de Développement notre Semaine RSE. Nous avons évoqué les sujets de traçabilité du soja, son approvisionnement, sa surconsommation mais également la représentation des femmes dans la politique Asiatique. Ces sujets de conférences sont en lien avec les objectifs de développement durable (SDGs). It’s time for us to start changing the world and raising awareness 🌱

Sustainable Food

In the turn of the twentieth century, availability of sufficient food to feed the growing global population was a grave concern. Fortunately, increase in agricultural productivity, along with advances in technology and management, has helped prevent the worst outcomes. However, the drive to achieve adequate supply of food has come with its costs. First, we discuss the different facets of unsustainability that besiege our current paradigm. Subsequently, we look at solutions from across the globe. The lecture concludes by looking at the path ahead.

Conference by Dr. Krishnan from Rajagiri Business School, India

Energy Management and Low Carbon Supply Chains: Past, Present, and Future

In this conference, the participants will benefit from the best knowledge concerning energy management and it’s connection to low carbon supply chain (LCSG). They will understand what has been done in the past and how the industrialisation had impacts on our societies and how it can challenge companies nowadays. Did you hear about renewable energy, using waste energy ? Join the conference and you’ll be exposed with the skills and knowledge needed in the future.

Conference by Yudi Fernando, PhD, Associate Professor at Faculty of Industrial Management at UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHAN

Women's Parliamentary Representation in Contemporary Asia

This conference could be of interest to anyone interested in gender equality, women in politics and their representation in Modern Asia.

Amazonia: a future Savannah?

The Amazonia between forest fires and monocultures is constantly being mistreated. Increasing deforestation is leading many specialists to believe that the Amazon rainforest could become a Savannah in 50 years’ time. Who are the actors and what are the reasons for this environmental catastrophe?

Conference by Antoine Cadoret, manager at Earthworm Foundation France.

Carbon footprint, what’s next?

The constant growth of human activities is hugely increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Carbon footprints can be calculated and are strategic indicator for the reduction of GHGs. Why is CO2 a global issue and why is it urgent to reduce our carbon footprint?

Conference by Antoine Cadoret, manager at Earthworm Foundation France.

Ocean, a world of plastic?

Although the Ocean is a source of unique biodiversity it is also one the primary victims of global warming and exploitation by humans. We can all picture the 7th continent made of plastic, but are we sure it’s the only one? What impact is plastic having on us and our Oceans?

Conference by Antoine Cadoret, manager at Earthworm Foundation France.

Consommation et Approvisionnement Responsable

Avec l’ONG Earthworm, nous retracerons les chaînes l’approvisionnement du soja, pour devenir des consomm’acteurs conscients et responsables.


28/09 - 09/10 | Rajagiri e-Marathon (India)

Get fit and raise funds at the same time! For participating at Rajagiri e-Marathon you will not only receive an E- certificate from the Government of India but support Indias Children in need with your participation fees!

👉 More information on this link.

07/10 | Guest Speaker Series Presents Nate Dame (CUC, USA)

Wondering how some companies are always on top of Googles searching engine?Interessted in learning how to promote a company? Than Nate Dame, CEO and founder of Profound Strategy might give you some answers in his presentation about SEO techniques!

👉 More Information on this link

12/10 - 11h30 | Global Actions for Global Challenges: Pandemic, Global Warming, and Armed Conflicts (Sophia University, Japan)

2020 what a year – and besides the pandemic there are also other global challenges to face! Let’s discuss those topics with Mr. Fabrizio Hochschild, Under-Secretary-General of the UN, in a global conference with students from all over the world!

Special Symposium for UN 75 Years’ Anniversary: Global Actions for Global Challenges: Pandemic, Global Warming, and Armed Conflicts. Details below.
Lille (France) Monday Oct 12: 11h30
Tokyo (Japan) Monday Oct 12: 21h15

👉 More information on this link.

15 & 16/10 | Rajagiri Management Conference (RMC, India)

The 1st Rajagiri Management Conference (RMC), to be organized jointly by Rajagiri Business School, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences Kochi, India and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. RMC will provide an opportunity to academicians, doctoral students, and practitioners to share and exchange ideas in the area of management. Given the new normal, the participants will have the opportunity to present their paper either virtually or in-person as per their convenience. 

👉 More information on this link.

5 & 6 November |Rajagiri Conference on Economics and Finance (RCEF, India)

👉 More information on this link.




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