Living in Lille: crossroads at the heart of Europe

Only a 15 minute walk from the town center, ESTICE is at the center of Lille Metropole. With 1,037 millions inhabitants and more than 110 000 students, Lille is one of the most lively city of France as it’s the fourth largest urban area and the 3rd student city behind Paris and Lyon.

Located in the North of France, Lille is at the crossroads of European countries and gives easy access to big European cities. Indeed, it is 30 minutes away from Brussels (Belgium), 1 hour from Paris, 1 hour 30 minutes from London (the UK), 2 hours 30 minutes from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and 2 hours 30 minutes from Köln (Germany). It makes it a real gateway to Europe !

Many significant companies actually decided to have their headquarters in Lille or in its peripheral areas: Auchan, Décathlon, Bonduelle, Castorama, Lesaffre, Boulanger, Kiabi, Leroy Merlin…This favorable context provides multiple job opportunities to our students.


min walk from town center

student city

#Culture – What is a Ch’ti?

« Ch’ti » is a dialect from the North of France. It sounds like French but with a strong accent. People started to call each others « Ch’timi » during the 1st World War. The word « Ti » means « Toi/You » and « Mi » refers to « Moi/I ». Soldats used to call their peers coming from the North of France. Now, being a Ch’ti is part of the culture. 

How to become a Ch’ti?

Lille is the perfect place to become a Ch’ti. You’ll meet local students who grow up in the area but also others students coming from different regions. In Lille, many activities, dishes, habits and places will help you to become a Ch’ti. 

Welcome to the Land of Ch’tis

Get a glimpse to the everyday life in Lille by watching the famous movie « Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis ». It might give you an idea of what you should expect. 

Main dishes to try


Welsh de Lille 

Melted cheddar with fries.


Fresh mussels with fries.

Carbonade Flamande

Marinated beef with gingerbread.



Famous dessert you can find by Meert.


Meringues with cream, in bakeries or at Le merveilleux.


You can find this snack in every « Friterie » you’ll find on your road. Also, la « Friterie Meunier » is well famous for its delicious fries.

Activities to enjoy

Musée des Beaux-Arts

Visit the museum for free every first Sunday of the month!


Citadelle de Lille

Have a walk or a run at the biggest park of Lille, next to ESTICE.

Braderie de Lille

Every year, on the first weekend of September, the iconic Braderie takes place. A huge flea market where you can buy new stuff.

Marché de Wazemmes

Fresh and cheap food, veggies available in Wazemmes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


Beffroi de Lille

You can go up on the beffroi and have a great view of Lille. Go there when it’s sunny!


Piscine Musuem

This musuem used to be a swimming pool in Roubaix. Art exhibitions, workshops, it welcomes lots of cultural activities now. 

Cultural events

Lille welcomed the event « Eldorado » for a few months and was designated as the European Capital of Design in 2020.

Famous places

Vieux Lille

This district is well famous for shopping, walking around…

"Fête foraine"

Fête foraine de Lille

Once per year, you can enjoy this small amusement park next to the citadelle.

Euralille - Westfield


Shopping or meet friends in the area. This shopping mall is just between the two main train stations.

Destockage - Roubaix

 The North of France is famous for its textile industries but also destocking operations in Roubaix. 

Gare Saint Sauveur

This old train station now welcomes a bar, a restaurant, events for all kind of public (young people, families…)

Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebas

Just next to Saint Sauveur, the « Red Park » is famous for chilling with friends, doing sports or just having a walk. 





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