Study at ESTICE

Name of Institution 
ESTICE International Management

Erasmus Code:

Language(s) of Instruction:
French, English

Languages Courses:
English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese


 Semester 1
 September – December 2023
Welcome Session:  Sept 4th – 8th (tbc)
Classes: Sept 4th – Dec 22th (exams included)
Application deadline:
May 12th

Beginning of Semester 1 | Monday 4th of September 2023

All Saints Break | Saturday 28th of October – Sunday 5th of November

Review Week + Exams S1 | Friday 8th of December – Friday 22th of December

End of Semester 1 | Friday 22th of December (evening)

Christmas Break | Saturday 23th of December 2023 – Sunday 7th of January 2024

Semester 2 
 January – May 2024
Welcome Session: Jan 8th – 11th (tbc)
Classes: Jan 8th – May 7th (exams included)
Application deadline:
November 18th

Beginning of Semester 2 | Monday 8th of January 2024

Winter Break| Saturday 24th of February – Sunday 3rd of March

Spring Break| Saturday 20th of April – Sunday 28th of April

Review Week + Exams S2 | Monday 29th of April – Tuesday 7th of May

End of Semester 2| Tuesday 7th of May 2024 (evening)


Semester 1
 September – December 2022
Welcome Session:  Sept 1st – 9th
Classes: Sept 5th – Dec 16th (exams included)
Application deadline:
June 3rd

Beginning of Semester 1 | Thursday 1st of September

All Saints Break | Satuday 22nd of October – Sunday 30th of October

Review Week + Exams S1 | Thursday 8th of December – Friday 16th of December

End of Semester 1 | Friday 16th of December 

Christmas Break | Friday 16th of December 2022 (end of the day) – Monday 2nd of January 2023

Semester 2 
 January – May 2023
Welcome Session: Jan 3rd – 6th (tbc)
Classes: Jan 3rd – May 5th (exams included)
Application deadline:
November 18th

Beginning of Semester 2 (courses) | Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

International Week| Monday 13th of February – Friday 17th of February

Winter Break| Saturday 18th of February – Sunday 26th of February

Spring Break| Saturday 15th of April – Sunday 23rd of April

Review Week + Exams S2 | Monday 24th of April – Friday 5th of May

End of Semester 2| Friday 5th of May (end of the day)

How to apply to ESTICE?

Exchange students should first contact the International Relations office at their home university. After being nominated, they will receive the required application procedure by email.



You can reserve a student room through the ALL (Tous les services de la vie étudiante – ALL Students Life Services), in charge of Student Residence Halls on the Lille Catholic University Campus as soon as you have been nominated. For the fall semester, we suggest reserving a room with the ALL as soon as possible! In France, a private owner can legally ask for a French guarantor if a foreign student is renting an apartment or a room.

From Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
47 Boulevard Vauban (second floor) – 59000 Lille
Tel: +33 (0)3. – E-mail: contact@all-lacatho.fr
Website – Facebook



Dorms are mixed and have both male and female students in the same corridor.
We recommend you to book your room before arriving in France.
June 30: for a student exchange beginning in August/September (our First semester/Fall semester). Housing application open from January 1st.
November 15: for a student exchange beginning in January (our Second semester/Spring semester). Housing application open from October 26

The student applies online on the All website :

1. To validate your application, you will be asked to pay online a housing administrative fee of 245 Euros.

2. The allocation of your residence with the address will be sent by the Housing Office (All) If you need a housing attestation for your VISA, please ask our All Housing Office by email.

3. Please note the time processing is from April (for a student exchange beginning in August/September (our First semester/Fall semester) and November for a student exchange beginning in January (our Second semester/Spring semester)

4. The accommodation allocation board will take into account your preferences as much as possible according to availability.


In accordance with the Erasmus Chart, please note that ESTICE does not charge extra fees for studies. Insurance, students clubs expenses or additionnal material will be supported by the international student.

 Estimation for a month

    240€ – 500€


   from 30€ to 50€



Total: from 770€ to 1050€ 

VISA Procedure


Any questions regarding your VISA process and application ?

  1. The French Government VISA Application Website
  2. Campus France « Studying in France » Website



Health Insurance 

Non-European students are required to subscribe to the French Social Security. To subscribe to the Social Security, students have to open a French bank account in order to provide a French IBAN.

You will also be required to turn in proof of a complementary international insurance that covers you throughout your whole period abroad.

Social Security covers 60% of the medical costs and the personal complementary insurance will cover the rest.

European students must provide a copy of their European Social Security card.

Where is ESTICE ?

Our school is located in the Vauban District, directly in the heart of the Catholic University Campus. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the city center.

Main entrance: ESTICE  83 boulevard Vauban Campus Saint Raphaël – Bâtiment E 59000 Lille

Second entrance: ESTICE 86 rue du Port Campus Saint Raphaël – Bâtiment E 59000 Lille

How to find ESTICE ?


Line 18 : stop « Université Catholique »  Line 12 : stop « Université Catholique » (Arrival Boulevard Vauban) Citadine : stop « Rue du Port » (Rue Nationale Entrance)
Line 1 : stop « Champ de Mars »
Line 90 : stop « Champ de Mars » Itinerary Bus 

Line 1 : stop « Gambetta »
Line 2 : stop « Cormontaigne« 
Itinerary MTR

Station 2 : « Université Catholique« 
Station 68 : « Nationale Rue du Port » Station 35 : « Leclercq« 
Station 9 : « Rue du Toul« 
Station 39 : « Marché de Wazemmes« 
more informations about the V’Lille Stations

BIKE : you can park your bike at the campus! 





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