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In February, we are launching the 4th edition of our International Week – Business vs Global Pandemic. The concept of the event has evolved, and French, American and Argentinian students will be working together online this year. The goal is to provide companies and/or organisations with some useful ideas which could positively affect their business during a Global Pandemic.


This year we are pleased to welcome our partner universities for this event. All universities will provide lectures, workshops, presentations… from their experts, teachers and collaborators! 😊 This week, topics will focus on:

  • Management & Communication
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship

It’s a great way to make the week diverse and get international perspectives. Students will benefit from their expertise and will come up with advice and ideas which answer the challenges put forward by companies/organisations.


Elisabeth Dellegrazie

Elisabeth Dellegrazie

Chair, International Academic Program Development at Concordia University Chicago, USA.

Laura Nieto Cuervo

Laura Nieto Cuervo

Head of International Relations ESTICE - ESPAS, France.

ESTICE-ESPAS is the host organiser of the event. Laura Nieto Cuervo has already organised 3 successful #International Weeks in Lille, France.
 Maria Luisa Gutierrez Peart

Maria Luisa Gutierrez Peart

International Cooperation Responsible - UCSF, Universidad Católica de Santa Fé, Argentina.


For the first time in #ESTICE history, we are launching the #International Week, fully online for both local and international students from our partner universities. In order to facilitate coordination and communication with our 250 participants (including students, companies/organisation partners, organisers), we decided to partner with professionnal facilitators specialising in online meetings.

Unlocking your remote leadership is a workshop that will be provided to our students so they can learn how to work at an international level. Students will learn to understand how to overcome five common challenges of facilitation success

Lynda Baker

Lynda Baker

Certified Professional Facilitator and MeetingSolutionsOnline President

Lynda Baker is participating in the #IW4 to introduce fundamental principles of meeting facilitation and explore immediate and future applications. She is the president of Meeting Solutions Online: a team of professionals facilitating meetings and engaging participation online to achieve actionable results.

#MeetingSolutions #Leadership Mindset

Emmanuelle Nechifor

Emmanuelle Nechifor

Facilitatrice de workshops à impact pour développer le potentiel des équipes et des marques

Emmanuelle Nechifor is a former ESTICE student. She decided to participate in the #IW4 to introduce facilitation as a leadership tool, all the more relevant in a remote context. Her agency, The Talent Sprint is a collaborative experience-based recruitment journeys, creating value-driven match between organizations & professionals.

#Talent Development #Great Meetings #Collaborative Leadership


Access Ability

Access Ability provides products and services for people with disabilities and for wheelchair vehicle convertors. We’ve accepted this challenge to have a young and dynamic approach of our business.

#disability #mobility #autism


Social network to share videos of landscapes. I’m very happy to take part in that brainstorm project with my start-up Shareview!

#socialnetwork #videos #landscape

Diagramma SA

Diagramma SA can be defined as an innovative biotech company that looks for industrial solutions in Argentina and worldwide.

#lacticbacteria #innovation #dairystarters

Basso SA

Since 1963, Basso is producing engine valves, that are exported from Argentina to 33 countries in five continents.

#enginevalves #madeinargentina #Argentina industry

Fundacion Grupo Sangor Seguros

FGSS contributes to cooperative and road education through its Corporate Social Responsability strategy.

#cooperativeeducation #roadsafetyeducation #valueseducation



Megatone provides home’s products and services that motivate wellness and entertainment experiences for its customers. The group has 44 stores in Argentina and more than 850 employees. 

#Dynamic #Competitive #CustomerSatisfaction

GMKL, Kel heure y lé ?*

Reunion Island has so much to offer. Our brand’s moto is Don’t let the GMKL catch you

#playcards #granmerkal #gmklkelheureyle

*Kel heure y lé is a writing playword which means « What time is it » 

Fuzzy - Logic Escape Game

Team building experiences that break through the trance of the digital screens and strengthen connections together as human beings.

#TeamBuilding #EscapeRoom #Collaboration

Coffee Sandhill

Sandhill Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster located in the suburbs of Chicago. We source our coffee directly from the farms we work with. We promote this to allow people to feel connected to their coffee and each other.

#sandhillcoffee #onepercentfortheplanet #getoutside

Desarrollo de Equipos Industriales S.A. (DEISA)

Desarrollo de Equipos Industriales S.A. (DEISA), is a metallurgical company located in the Economic Activities Park of the city of Rafaela, Argentina. The business units include urban and industrial solid waste treatment, forestry shredders and renewable energies, equipment for the treatment of solid fertilizers, bulk transportation and metal structures.
Our objective is to create engineering projects in non-traditional areas.

#recycling #sustainability #ecofriendly

Cooperative Lehmann

Since 1951, Guillermo Lehmann Coop is an organization who works every day for farmers providing them several solutions on a professional and innovative way.

#farmerfirst    #crossselling   #digital


Founded in 1998 with the idea of ​​providing the veterinarian with products that solve their problems effectively, we have now 160 products registered in SENASA and we have a distribution logistics that allows us to be where the customer requires it in record time.


#animals #products #worldwide


Vision: To develop new alternatives for the best use of energy, at the service of the common good.
Mission: To develop a consistent value chain with quality and innovation to accompany the growth of competitiveness of our clients.


#newenergy #social #competitivness



F45 is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance. The team mentality at F45 Training helps members transform their lifestyle physically and mentally while encouraging community growth and a no-ego attitude.

F45 is one of the most time-efficient ways of training. We aim to burn up to 750 calories per 45-minute session.

#teamtraininglifechanging #functionalfitness #athomeworkout

14 companies will present 15 challenges from Argentina, USA and France. We are proud to extend our international network and link all our partners through this event!

🌟 We received some feedbacks from our partners 


5 universities will provide courses during the #IW4. These lectures will be useful for students to get an international approach and to solve their company’s challenges.

Emergent strategy 1

 « Finding the way forward » 

#identifying #overcoming #global

by Professor 

Mani P. Sam Tue 2/02 on MS TEAMS: 

2pm to 3pm (FR)

10am to 11am (ARG)

7am to 8am (US)


Local approach to global challenges

« Transferring ideas whithin international collaborations »

#contextmatters #translating #glocal

 by Jamie A. Kowalczyk, PhD

Tue 2/02 on ZOOM:

3.30pm to 4.30(FR)

11.30am to 12.30pm (ARG)

8.30am to 9.30am (US)

Skills box on management

« Skill your Life? »

#Soft #Hard #How to be ready for tomorrow?

by Susana Bastos Senior Lecturer

Wed 3/02 on  MS TEAMS:

2pm to 3pm (FR)

10am to 11am (ARG)

7am to 8am (US)

Digital Marketing International strategy

« Exploration of multiple digital marketing strategies on a global scale »

#Brandawareness #Digital channels #International strategies

by Ms Hélène Clary

 Wed 3/02 on MS TEAMS:

3.15pm to 4.15 (FR)

11.15am to 12.15pm (ARG)

8.15am to 9.15am (US)

Branding in the crisis

« the theory and practice of branding in a crisis »

#branding #brandingincrisis #marketinginchaos

by Padmanabhan N S, PhD

Thu 4/02 on MS TEAMS:

2pm to 3pm (FR)

10am to 11am (ARG)

7am to 8am (US

Emergent strategy 2

« Identifying the importance of emergent strategy in overcoming the  global pandemic »

#emergent strategy #forward #solutions

by Professor Mani P. Sam

Thu 4/02 on MS TEAMS:

3.15pm to 4.15 (FR)

11.15am to 12.15pm (ARG)

8.15am to 9.15am (US)

Our lecturers had interesting quotes and advice to share with our students.

Susana Bastos

Senior Lecturer from ISCAP, Portugal.

Jamie A. Kowalcyk, PhD

PhD from Concordia Universty of Chicago, USA.

Hélène Clary

Marketing Responsible from ESTICE-ESPAS, France.










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