This year we’ve launched our new series #InterTalks, aiming to keep in touch with our  partner universities and organizations. By maintaining intellectual and cultural exchange, we adapted our ways of organizing  international events, even under these new circumstances 

Starting during the European Week of Sustainable Developpment, Fabien from the NGO Earthworm told us about the supply chain of Soja and how its plantation is partly contributing to the deforestation in Brazil, Dr. Prof. Ella S. Prihatini spoke about Women’s representation in Asian politics (watch the replay here). With her method, she discovered that there are many different aspects that lead to a smaller representation of women in Asian countries, making it even harder for women to candidate. Besides, she proved that the degree of modernization doesn’t influence women’s participation in parliaments as much as wanted.

During the Corporate Social Responsibility week at ESTICE, #InterTalks provided significant knowledge to our students. The NGO Earthworm foundation as well as two of our partner Universities have offered very instructive talks, all linked to issues regarding Climate change. While the process of climate change is a normal phenomenon, it is nowadays just going excessively fast, and that is due to human activities. There are, nevertheless, #alternatives to solve this man-made crisis. For example, the use of #Blockchain #Technology would make it possible to improve communication between all suppliers. Which would help all stakeholders to implement new ways to be more environmentally friendly. The #Amazonia has already lost 1.3 times the surface area of France since 1970, particularly due to the planting of #Soja. 85% of Soja is now imported to feed cattle in Europe – our animal consumption (meat, eggs, milk, cheese) is therefore directly linked to #deforestation in Brazil. 

This is why our speaker, Dr. Krishnan from Rajagiri Business School (India), offered during his presentation to establish a type of sustainable indicator. Called the #SustainabilityIndex, this index aims to indicate the #consumption of water, land and energy on the #packaging of our consumer products. After all our partner from BINUS University (Indonesia) Yudi Fernando provided a relevant summary of the situation :   

🌏 « We need to save mother earth, we have to teach our students and we have to start now. » 🌏

By exchanging about global issues with our international partners and through teaching our students the importance of global cooperation, we hope to contribute to a more conscious and open minded world. 

More information about the replays and next events available on our website #Intertalks.


Johanna Härtner, Civic Service at ESTICE
International Relations & Digital Communication