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Training responsible managers open to the world

ESTICE graduates are recognized for their ability to adapt and their versatility in international business, in a world that is digitalized, on the move and in search of meaning. They are able to accompany companies in the commercial and non-commercial sectors in developing their strategies and projects, with a multilingual, intercultural and ethical approach. Business sense is above all a matter of meaning!

By offering fair tuition fees, we try to limit the cost impact compared to traditional business schools. We hope to contribute to a more human, more open, more just, more sustainable society. This is our vision of a great and beautiful school!


because practicing 4 languages is not enough to work internationally


because mastering practical and social skills is the key to enter the professional world


because experimenting in real life serves as an anchor for learning


because everyone’s professional
project is unique


because the world is transforming and new jobs are emerging


because learning methods evolve

ESTICE - International - I am international - Living international through experiences abroad

Living international through experiences abroad

This ambition is illustrated by a multicultural teaching team resolutely turned towards the international, with more than half of the courses taught by native speakers, trilingual learning, and the possibility of spending 6 to 24 months abroad, depending on the students’ wishes.

Our students are noticed for their work capacity and their creativity in innovation competitions, intensive weeks, by being project leaders or even company creators. We are proud to help our students, through their unique experiences, to become responsible, agile and creative citizens of the world.

Supporting students in their professional projects

The program aims to reinforce the employability of our students in a multicultural world, in constant transformation thanks to technological and digital innovations, but also influenced by new societal expectations.

In this context, we help our students find their professional path according to who they are, their aspirations, in a sector (traditional, new economy, market, non-market) or a form of activity (salaried or entrepreneurial) that corresponds to them.

For 5 years, ESTICE students are involved in an integrated and progressive program. They are accompanied by a multidisciplinary teaching teammade up of professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and international researchers.

The welcome in France label

A guarantee of quality for our international students
The quality of the welcome of international students is a fundamental issue for the internationalization and attractiveness of our faculties. The « Welcome to France » label is awarded to institutions wishing to highlight their welcoming facilities. it is awarded by Campus France for a period of 4 years and validated by an independent commission.
In April 2022, the facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille were awarded by Campus France the « Welcome to France » label for the quality of the reception of international students, for the period 2022-2026.

The fields of the label: quality and accessibility
The label provides information on the actions implemented by higher education institutions to meet the needs of international students in the following areas

  • Quality and accessibility of information
  • Quality and accessibility of reception facilities
  • Accessibility and support of courses
  • Housing and quality of campus life
  • Quality of post-graduation follow-up
ESTICE - Icone Bienvenue en France
ESTICE - Label Bienvenue en France


Are available on this page the Bachelor & Master courses open to international exchange students for 2023-2024. You can download the list of courses and syllabus as well as the information regarding the grades translation and credit validation.
The list of courses for 2024-2025 will be updated during summer 2024, but you may refer to the current list at the moment.


The Erasmus+ program is co-funded by the European Union | Source: Erasmus+ Agency




Contact us

ESTICE - International - Étudier à l'étranger - Lucie-VASSEUR

Lucie Vasseur
Incoming / Outgoing responsible


Are you interested in teaching at ESTICE?

Are you aware that you can teach abroad though the Erasmus program? If we are partners through our bilateral agreements or through the Catholic University, we can welcome you at ESTICE to teach your subject! Please contact the international relations office to get more information.

ESTICE - International - I am international - Are you interested in teaching at ESTICE - couloirs
ESTICE - International - I am international - Are you interested in teaching at ESTICE - salle de réunion
ESTICE - International - I am international - Are you interested in teaching at ESTICE - établissement


ESTICE is located in the Vauban District, directly in the heart of the Catholic University Campus.
It takes 15 minutes to walk from the city center.

Main entrance : ESTICE 83 boulevard Vauban Campus Saint Raphaël – Bâtiment E 59000 Lille
Second entrance : ESTICE 86 rue du Port Campus Saint Raphaël – Bâtiment E 59000 Lille

Once you arrive to ESTICE, the International Relations Office is on the ground floor.
It is the last office on the right at the end of the corridor!

ESTICE - International - I am international - International relations - Entrée principale

83 boulevard Vauban
(Campus Saint Raphaël)
Bâtiment E – 59000 Lille

ESTICE - International - I am international - International relations - Entrée secondaire

86 rue du Port
(Campus Saint Raphaël)
Bâtiment E – 59000 Lille

Opening hours

Monday to Friday | 2pm – 6pm.
Please take an appointment if you want to meet during the morning.


At ESTICE, there are many opportunities to get involved in many projects and we want to encourage our students to participate in it to create links between them.

Welcome Session

The first week at ESTICE (semester 1) aims to create links between students through creative workshops, teamwork games, cohesion, learning at the heart of the school’s values. It is a decisive week that can create the beginning of a real class spirit.

#Creativity #engagement #international #responsibility are the keywords of this week full of meetings and discoveries.

ESTICE - International - I am international - Logo ALL - tous les services de la vie étudiante

ALL you need is on campus

International students have access to the differences services provided by the Catholic University of Lille : accomodation, catering, healthcare, sports, art, culture, library (physical and digital). These services support the international students to get an healthy way of life by providing high quality accommodation, balanced diets, sports facilities and health cares.

  • ALL Accomodation provides 1 260 rooms and studios. If you wish to book a room in a University residence, kindly note that all the housing information (list of residences, description, rent price, application procedure, etc.) is available on the website of ALL.
  • ALL Catering: 7 restaurants on campus.
  • ALL Health and Social: CPSU (Centre Polyvalent de Santé Universitaire) offers general medical consultations, gynaecology consultations, nurse appointments, dietitian consultations and psychological support.
  • ALL Sports: fitness room and live courses on campus.

International Student Club

We welcome every semester around 35 international students coming from all over the world. It is really important for our students to get to know the exchange students and make them discover the city. ESTICE International Students Club organizes many activities and events to integrate the international students. The buddy system allows the exchange students to be supported during their stay in Lille.


For students seeking an enriching academic journey paired with an immersive cultural adventure, Lille shines as a compelling choice. With its diverse museums, picturesque old town, and student-friendly atmosphere, Lille promises an unforgettable experience for those pursuing higher education.

Lille: crossroads at the heart of Europe

Only a 15 minute walk from the town center, ESTICE is at the center of Lille Metropole. With 1,037 millions inhabitants and more than 110 000 students, Lille is one of the most lively city of France as it’s the fourth largest urban area and the 3rd student city behind Paris and Lyon.

Located in the North of France, Lille is at the crossroads of European countries and gives easy access to big European cities. Indeed, it is 30 minutes away from Brussels (Belgium), 1 hour from Paris, 1 hour 30 minutes from London (the UK), 2 hours 30 minutes from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and 2 hours 30 minutes from Köln (Germany). It makes it a real gateway to Europe!

Many significant companies actually decided to have their headquarters in Lille or in its peripheral areas: Auchan, Decathlon, Bonduelle, Castorama, Lesaffre, Boulanger, Kiabi, Leroy Merlin… This favorable context provides multiple job opportunities to our students.

ESTICE - International - I am international - Living in Lille - Carte de l'europe
ESTICE - International - I am international - Living in Lille - Lille capitale des Flandres

115 000



minutes walk from town center


of the population under the age of 25


Study at ESTICE

NAME OF INSTITUTION: ESTICE International Management

Erasmus Code: F LILLE 11

Language(s) of Instruction: French, English

Languages Courses: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese

Semester 1 : September – December 2024

Welcome Session: to be confirmed.

Classes: to be confirmed.

Application deadline: May 13th.

Beginning of Semester 1: to be confirmed.

All Saints Break: to be confirmed.

Review Week + Exams S1: mid december.

End of Semester 1: mid december.

Christmas Break: to be confirmed.

Semester 2 : January – May 2025

Welcome Session : to be confirmed.

Classes : Jan – May (exams included)

Application deadline: to be confirmed.

Beginning of Semester 2 : to be confirmed.

Spring Break :to be confirmed.

Review Week + Exams S2 : to be confirmed.

End of Semester 2 : to be confirmed.

How to apply to ESTICE?

Exchange students should first contact the International Relations office at their home university. After being nominated, they will receive the required application procedure by email. 


You can reserve a student room through the ALL (Tous les services de la vie étudiante – ALL Students Life Services), in charge of Student Residence Halls on the Lille Catholic University Campus as soon as you have been nominated. For the fall semester, we suggest reserving a room with the ALL as soon as possible! In France, a private owner can legally ask for a French guarantor if a foreign student is renting an apartment or a room.

Student room

Dorms are mixed and have both male and female students in the same corridor.
We recommend you to book your room before arriving in France.
June 30: for a student exchange beginning in August/September (our First semester/Fall semester). Housing application open from January 1st.
November 15: for a student exchange beginning in January (our Second semester/Spring semester). Housing application open from October 26

ESTICE - International - I am international - Logo ALL - tous les services de la vie étudiante

The student applies online on the All website:
1. To validate your application, you will be asked to pay online a housing administrative fee of 245 Euros.
2. The allocation of your residence with the address will be sent by the Housing Office (All) If you need a housing attestation for your VISA, please ask our All Housing Office by email.
3. Please note the time processing is from April (for a student exchange beginning in August/September (our First semester/Fall semester) and November for a student exchange beginning in January (our Second semester/Spring semester)
4. The accommodation allocation board will take into account your preferences as much as possible according to availability.

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
47 Boulevard Vauban (second floor) – 59000 Lille
Tel: +33 (0)3.
E-mail: contact@all-lacatho.fr

Living expenses

In accordance with the Erasmus Chart, please note that ESTICE does not charge extra fees for studies. Insurance, students clubs expenses or additionnal material will be supported by the international student.

Estimation for a month

Visa procedure

ESTICE - icone Visa procedure

Any questions regarding your VISA process and application?
1. The French Government VISA Application : Website
2. Campus France « Studying in France » : Website

Health insurance

ESTICE - Icone health insurance

Non-European students are required to subscribe to the French Social Security. To subscribe to the Social Security, students have to open a French bank account in order to provide a French IBAN.
You will also be required to turn in proof of a complementary international insurance that covers you throughout your whole period abroad.
Social Security covers 60% of the medical costs and the personal complementary insurance will cover the rest.
European students must provide a copy of their European Social Security card.

Where is ESTICE ?

ESTICE - International - I am international - International relations - Entrée principale

83 boulevard Vauban
(Campus Saint Raphaël)
Bâtiment E – 59000 Lille

ESTICE - International - I am international - International relations - Entrée secondaire

86 rue du Port
(Campus Saint Raphaël)
Bâtiment E – 59000 Lille

How to find ESTICE?

ESTICE - International - I am international - Où se trouve ESTICE - Carte

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